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Aoi Tsuki (葵 つき) is Himoto Sora's childhood friend and L's possession.

Character DesignEdit


Unlike Sora, Tsuki is calm and reserved. However, there are times shown that she is obsessed with Sora and is enraged whenever she thinks that Sora will leave her behind.



X (Ikksu) is a mysterious blonde-haired girl with a floral mask. She first appears to help Sora defeat Kajiwara Shinji. Her motives for doing so are currently unknown, although it is probably to overturn the male domination. When he fired at Sora, she tackled Sora, defending her from the bullet. X tells her to defend the girls by using her, and to make a vow and summon her weapon. To her surprise, Sora refuses to say the vow, instead promising to protect her and kissing her hand.

X's weapon then appears, a giant light from her chest. As Sora watches in shock, L witnesses this from his window, while Shinji returns to Izaki Koharu. Sora then reappears, with an energy spear. After defeating Shinji, the spear dissipates. Where X goes after this is unknown, but it is known that she tells Sora her name, and not to tell anyone about her.


She has one of the most powerful weapons in Exaclan, an energy spear. Its manifestation was enough to guarantee Sora victory against Shinji in her first Exaclan battle.


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